We are excited to announce that Berry Books (featuring books authored or co-authored by Venise Berry) is now an imprint of Jewell Jordan Publishing.

Venise Berry is the author of three national bestselling novels; So Good, An African American Love Story (Dutton Penguin, 1996), All of Me, A Voluptuous Tale (Dutton Penguin, 2000), and Colored Sugar Water (Dutton Penguin, 2002). All of Me received a 2001 Honor Book Award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. In 2003, she received the “Creative Contribution to Literature” award for Colored Sugar Water from the Zora Neale Hurston Society.

Released in October 2018, Venise’s latest novel, Driven, Reflections on love, career and the pursuit of happiness, explores her evolution as a [in her own words] one of those bra-burning, pants wearing, education-getting, money-making, opinion-having, sex-enjoying, career-focused Black women who grew up in the 70s deciding to live life and live it abundantly with or without a man. Offering words of wisdom, personal examples, cultural analysis, historical context, and suggestions for change, these essays will help readers think about the complexity of life’s choices and the challenges facing women today, particularly when it comes to relationships vs careers.

Berry is an associate professor in Journalism and African American Studies at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. She is published widely in creative and academic circles with numerous short stories, journal articles, and book chapters. Her research explores media, African Americans and popular culture. Her most recent scholarly effort, Racialism and the Media, is an examination of mediated images and messages concerning African American culture. It will be published by Peter Lang in 2019.

Driven & other Berry Books titles can be purchased at https://veniseberry.com/