Author/Publisher Stephana Colbert hosted a series of conversations with women featured in her latest book “Ordinary Extraordinary African American Women: As We Mature”. 

Conversation with Ginger Campbell

Conversation with Dr. Stephanie Brooks

Conversation with Tara Bradley & Yvette Stevenson

Conversation with Tyna Price & Michelle Gaither

Conversation with Andrea Charlton & Faedra Chatard Carpenter

Conversation with Beverly Pegues-Tucker & Marilyn Robinson

The name of our company, Jewell Jordan Publishing, is a tribute to my late parents – my mother, Granville Jewell Colbert; and my father, Winfred Jordan Colbert.  They were always my most enthusiastic supporters, and will always be my inspiration.  And while I alone am responsible for any failures in my life; they are the only reason for any and all of my successes.  Thus, in naming the publishing company and in the work we produce, I seek to honor them.
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