Jewell Jordan Publishing Announces the Release of The Alabaster Leader by Joi Beasley


Welcome to the quest of The Alabaster Leader, as we nurture and build leaders leading with values.   If you are reading this, you are a natural-born leader with a strong sense of purpose and values.  We all have accepted the notion that we are masters of our own fate.   Knowing that, we are the architects and engineers of the leaders we want to be.  Receive this leadership toolkit as a guide.  It is a communication tool for you, your team and your organization to chart and navigate your way to becoming the leaders you aspire to be.  Consider this a self-directed quest and personal accountability system for the aspiring leader.

The author, Joi Beasley is an accomplished Organizational Development Strategist, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur with an impressive 17-year tenure as CEO of GOGO Business Communications. Her forward-thinking approach has helped to promote workplace successes, strategize and redesign business challenges into winnable opportunities.  In 2017, Joi founded Alabaster, Inc. due to her irresistible desire to solve business problems and reach quantifiable goals.  Alabaster provides organizational development, HR strategies and management training, and leadership development while enhancing business relationships and maximizing people potential.  Her passion for leadership development led to the creation of this leadership toolkit, designed to help leaders hone their skills as they mentor their team of leaders, using their own value system.  This toolkit is not only used in customized group trainings and retreats but also for self-reflection and personal accountability for aspiring leaders.

Joi Beasley is a proud native of Omaha, NE, and an esteemed Alum of Fisk University. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa.  As she continues on her journey as a business leader, Joi encourages others to join her in nurturing and building on their own leadership skills, as an authentic Alabaster Leader. She believes that leading is an enduring lifelong journey of learning and that we all have the power to be the architects and engineers of the kind of leaders we aspire to be.  With The Alabaster Leader – lead leaders who lead with values.

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