Come Sit with Me: Life In Poetry, Prose and Plays by Dr. Gladys DeVane


Come Sit with Me: Life In Poetry, Prose, and Plays, shares the journey of 81-year-old Dr. Gladys DeVane in poems, short stories, and theater—from the incredibly moving poem, When This World Was Mine, detailing her young life on her grandparents’ farm with her sibling and cousins, to The Least of Them, which is an account of the devastating news that her first-born was severely disabled and in need of institutionalization to the triumph of his high school graduation, work-life and living on his own. Through this literary masterpiece, we are privileged to travel with Gladys on her journey through a rich and extraordinary life. We glean how she has come to see the world—through her own eyes and those of historical figures such as Fannie Lou Hamer and Rosa Parks, whom she brought to life first in theatrical one-woman show performances and now in print.

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